The Challenge: Coming Clean

food chartEvery once in a while, I like to change things up from my usual love of pizza, beer, cheese, cake, some sort of meat concoction,  and more beer and go healthy on everyone’s ass.

Call it a cleanse, a guilty conscience, a desire to want to live a longer healthier life, or just become more aware of one’s body. Fact is: You eat good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you look good.

excuse me girl

While physical fitness is important, it all truly starts from within.

And unfortunately, it can’t be done from a case of Bud Light and $5 large pepperoni.8a4fb7f0271779c3e2e08116003e3983

While briefly touched in the past, when discussing going healthy forever the topic  is various when it comes down to what exactly is “clean eating/cleaner lifestyle”? Vegetables? Fishy stuff? Eggs? Pizzaless grapes?

f-yo-grapesForever the struggle, especially for us healthy-challenged folk, it’s important to know the rules but never go overboard.

Being healthy is the winning key but it’s always a needed remembrance to TREAT YO-SELF.  You want that steak? Eat that steak, boo. Nothing good can come from depriving oneself.e74f55d50f050616c18596587f68b726you get it girl

So besides not looking a flourishing mess, what exactly are the 101’s to a cleaner lifestyle?


The true detox liquid. 60 percent of the human body, it is the most needed formula for all systems to work. It regulates body temperature, protects your organs, transports nutrients and eliminates waste. It’s one of the best starts to a healthier lifestyle and basically the most important.

Not a big fan of the taste of water? Add something like liquid stevia to spruce up the taste. Of course there’s always vodka too, but you didn’t hear that from me.

drink sneak


Salisbury_steakrhonj-ter-ew1While this definitely is not the first choice of meal, when you’re on the struggle bus this could look like a four star meal. diet2

SAY NO TO TV DINNERS. A “steak” combo being worth only 89 cents should be a warning sign enough. However, if hard times come knocking opt for a route of sandwiches that will last for the week or everyone’s friend at one time or another, Ramen–which can be spruced up with some of these recipe ideas.

hot pocketshot pockets2


Green-vegetablesSpinach. Kale. Broccoli. Basically just get down to your local Produce section and snatch everything green.

grocery excited


294555_722258671069_39800103_36580448_1480747661_nNext to Paula Deen, I may be the Queen of Saturated fats. Butter. Meat. Cheese.

cheese loveAll while these rule the kingdom, they must be evenly traded with healthy fats like  olive oil, canola oil and the kind found in fatty fish (like salmon) and nuts.

cracking up


Childish humor aside, these fats are good for your heart and can help raise your HDL, “the good cholesterol”,  while saturated fats are associated with increased risk of heart disease.


It’s a well known fact I am clearly a fan of a good drink. Particularly after a long, tiring day.

bring 100 shots of tequilaAnd thankfully, I don’t know too many people who don’t feel the same.

But with most things, alcohol is most certainly on the list of things that should be consumed in moderation. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to excess calories and leave you in constant dehydration.gatorade me


Limit added sugars. Say no to sodas and excessive junk food and sweets or your precious face will forever pay the price.



Go light on high sodium foods/condiments like gravies, salt, soy sauce, cheese, salami, popcorn, pretzels, and the one that hurts the most to cut back–bacon.excused to go step in front of train


Of course there is the option of whole wheat, you can also switch it up with whole grains like quinoa, oats and brown rice. Mix with fish, steaks, veggies and even ground turkey.


Eating less meat can help eliminate extra saturated fat from your diet.

f all thatAllow me to have a honesty moment and admit that probably won’t be happening in my diet change. The thought of going an entire day without some sort of bacon, nibble of turkey, a pepperoni, etc. is almost enough to make me end up on an episode of Snapped. corn out of my face

9) Increase Fruit Intake

“Nature’s candy” is rich in potassium, which can help keep blood pressure in check, and also rich in vitamin C, which is important for a healthy immune system. Life is crazy and keeps us busy, being sick is not on the schedule.

sickAin’t nobody got time for that!!

10) Eliminate Refined Grains

Elimating white flour and refined grains is an easy way to eat cleaner. Refined grains tend to be more processed and often stripped of beneficial nutrients like magnesium, selenium and fiber and are typically found in unhealthy packaged foods and junk food. I’m looking at you Cheetos.

Mila-Kunis-No-Reaction-GifSkip sometimes on the packaged refined carbs like cookies, crackers and cakes altogether, and also swap white rice, white bread and white pasta for brown rice and whole wheat bread and pasta.

At the end of the dieted day, feeling good about what you’ve done is important, success is moderation and balance, and of course alway remember the rule about the rules:



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